TRIAD 20" Pro Disc DRIFT TRIKE - Syndicate 3 in BLACK & PURPLE (Full Size)

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MASSIVE changes for version 3 of our flagship Syndicate trike.

Starting with a complete frame overhaul to the new Snake head gusseted twin tube design along with the revolutionary Sentinel platform sub frame.

Complimenting the new frame is the stiffer and more powerful Commander Elite cro-moly bladed fork with Slim Jim head set creating a uniform clean transition from fork to frame.

The Syndicate 3 is the complete package with the super comfy thermoformed padded seat cover to keep you riding for longer. For those who dont need pedal drive or want to do big stunt manoeuvres the OATH ROTA peg adapters are also included in the box.


  • New quick release adjustable seat Slider.
  • Get the fit right with a massive 20cm of adjustment.
  • Anodized 50mm wheel with matching Anodized parts
  • Tektro Hydraulic disc brake with Internally routed hose.
  • Oversized aluminum handle bars with forged aluminum stem.
  • All new Padded Seat cover to cushion your ride
  • Your choice of drive Pedal cranks with freewheel hub or ROTA pedal Peg adapter
  • Trike assembled with cranks
  • A crank removal tool will be needed to swap to ROTA peg adapter